Summer School HyperDocs: Sticky Lessons for Tricky Content

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If you are supporting students to teach and reteach key concepts this summer might you try HyperDocs? HyperDocs are engaging digital lesson plans that you can design and deliver to break up any traditional lesson planning you might be delivering. If you are expected to use a particular curriculum, why not mix things up and use HyperDocs to make concepts stick in unique and memorable ways?

Reading Intervention for Emerging Readers (K-3)  Young readers develop skills at a rapid pace -- from understanding concepts about print to phonemic awareness to putting sounds and words together. If you support emerging readers, you might find some of these HyperDocs valuable in showing students a different approach that engages their brains in new ways! Huge shout out to Nadine Gilkison for sharing her HyperDocs freely to reach students globally. 

Reading Skills/Strategies for Developing Readers (4-8th) By fourth grade students are expected to transition from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn.’ Many students are still developing the skills and strategies to comprehend more and more complex text. 

Lessons to Support Basic Math Skills

We hope that one or more of these lessons will help you reconsider how you teach basic concepts to students who need alternative methods of learning. When core instruction doesn’t quite stick, the HyperDoc design and delivery will hopefully reach your learners! Another benefit is that designing a digital lesson often gets the teacher thinking about how to make content more visual, or interactive! Let's use that creative summer brain!

Remember that you can File>Make a Copy of any lesson to revise and remix for your own students or individual classroom needs. For more information on how to remix, check out this video or you can join our online Academy to learn more about how remixing is a fast way to begin designing your own HyperDocs!  

Author: HyperDocs Admin 21-06-2022