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NOTICE! If you have registered for an event and have not received information about your session please email david@hyperdocs.co

Our events are designed to give educators an upper hand by addressing the problems we face in our current and future educational landscape.


Ranging from 40 to 90 minutes, our workshops and webinars are hands-on and interactive with breakout rooms and short lessons. All participants leave with relevant resources. 


Our Process

Our events are designed to be hands-on, interactive, and fun! We use breakout rooms, whole group, and a variety of online tools to engage participants. 


During our virtual events, you should expect to see best practices in online, virtual learning as well as participate in activities that expand your understanding of digital lesson design with HyperDocs.

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Learn new ways to deliver your ‘lectures’, build background knowledge, and inspire curiosity and inquiry learning all through these dynamic digital choice boards. 

Multimedia text sets are collections of content that you can curate, package, and efficiently push out to students using digital sharing services like Google or Microsoft. Using text sets with your students will prepare them for inquiry experiences they will find with your HyperDocs lessons. 

This workshop series will take a look at how lesson packaging and workflow can greatly enhance your instruction by maximizing the time you have in the classroom.

Session 1: Experience teaching and learning with multimedia text sets with this interactive workshop that puts you in the student’s seat. Join in to experience the secret sauce behind these tools.

Session 2: Explore many of our curated multimedia text sets, analyze the design choices, and begin creating some of your own.

Session 3: Sharefest- share your creations and collaborate with others around how to best deliver these inquiry tools with your students.

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Do you like HyperDocs but not sure how to get started creating your own? Join me for a 5-week series as we dive into the HyperDoc template. Each week we will discover the how and why for this effective cycle of learning. 

Session 1: Engage- Ideas for actively engaging students from the start! 

Session 2: Explore- Why Explore before Explain in a HyperDoc lesson 

Session 3: Explain- How to “flip” your lessons with multimedia resources 

Session 4: Apply- So What, Now What? How to package authentic application of learning with HyperDocs 

Session 5: Reflect and Share- The Icing on the Cake in lesson design. Ideas for boosting learning that lasts beyond the lesson.

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Are you an instructional coach or an administrator who is passionate about modeling instructional technology integration and cultivating a community of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social-emotional well-being?


This four-part mini-series is designed just for you! Join HyperDoc co-founder, Kelly Hilton, for a deep dive into HyperDocs for Instructional Leaders (coaches and administrators). Each session includes HyperDocs that you can copy and modify for your own specific needs, strategies for delivering instruction, and engaging your staff in learning experiences. 


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Looking for ways to ensure that your HyperDocs are meeting the needs of the variable learners in your classroom? Join Kelly Hilton, co-creator of HyperDocs, to learn about the principles of universal design for learning and how to integrate them into your HyperDoc digital lesson design. Over the course of three sessions, we will unpack and analyze how and why integrating multiple means of representation, engagement, and action/expression will support and challenge all students in your classroom. 

 Session 1: Multiple Means of Representation - The “what” of Learning: All learners take in and comprehend information in different ways. Learn how to design lessons that invite students to think critically and explore relevant content through multimedia embedded on the HyperDoc to construct meaning: activate prior knowledge, build background knowledge, extend learning, review and preview concepts. 

 Session 2 : Multiple Means of Engagement - The “why” of Learning: A critical component of learning is the motivation and engagement in the activity(ies). Learn how to offer multiple opportunities to guide and facilitate the learner to reach their goals.  

Session 3: Action and Expression - The “how” of Learning: HyperDocs provide a road map for all learners to guide their journey. Learn strategies for building movement/action into lessons and offering choice in the ways that students show what they know.  

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Connecting with students is not just something fun or extra to add into your lesson design -- it is essential! In this three-week course, you will experience HyperDoc lessons that directly and indirectly teach social-emotional core competencies.


You will gain a deeper understanding of the research and value of social-emotional learning on academic success. You will also have some fun trying out tools and playful ideas to integrate into your own digital lesson planning! This course will help you launch (and maintain) a school year that feels relevant and meaningful for you and your students. 


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Launch your year with incredible energy around writing! In this workshop, we will experience HyperDoc lessons that spark joy - for both you and your student writers! The three-week course will delve into three areas of your writing classroom - your role as a writing teacher, how to support individual writers, and specific strategies to build a writing community.


This is an interactive workshop where participants will actually experience HyperDoc lessons, try out some writing of their own, and remix lessons to use for their own students. Also, there are opportunities for ‘fireside chats’ to connect with other educators and dig deeper into some of the specific needs for your own classroom.