HyperDocs Give Back Challenge

Tis the season for giving … and giving back! But what if you don’t feel like you have time? Or you are nervous to share for the first time? We believe in giving and sharing all sorts of ways! Maybe you have an awesome resource that needs to become a digital lesson plan, or maybe you just tried something and want to tell others about it! If you are ready and willing to share your great classroom stories, ideas, and HyperDoc lessons, we encourage you to join our December Give Back Challenge!

Through our online digital lesson bank, we have made it so easy to give to other educators around the globe -- for free! That also means it is easy for you to shop for free HyperDocs or partake in the great lesson design of others. Visit Teachers Give Teachers at Hyperdocs.co to begin giving, and ‘getting!’ 

Throughout the month, we will showcase some of the creative ideas and lessons we see!

ASK YOURSELF! Lesson planning in December might have you wondering: 

  • What can I pause or let go of right now? 
  • What do I really want to focus on during this three week window? What do students really need from me right now? What might help students wrap up their semester? What type of fun and engagement might be helpful for the end of this calendar year? 
  • What is one lesson you might want to jump in and teach in the next three weeks? 
  • What would bring ME and my students joy right now? 

HOW TO GIVE BACK? You can share right away! Let’s do this!
In this video, you will learn how to upload your own HyperDoc on our Teachers Give Teachers site. Steps are also posted here:

  1. Log in to HyperDocs.co
  2. Go to the TeachersGiveTeachers database
  3. Click ‘Upload lesson’ and complete the fields. 
  4. Be sure your HyperDoc share settings are open to ‘anyone with a link can view.’

Curious about our FB community? Join here to instantly be part of the lesson planning discussions.


This group never stops giving!

WHY SHARE? We all know that sharing is caring, but what does that mean for HyperDocs and the TGT community? Top 5 reasons below:

  • Reach more students! 
  • Lighten the load of lesson planning! Save time and energy by remixing.
  • Build your PLN -- truly a better together experience
  • Get yourself out of a lesson planning rut! Get new design + delivery ideas!
  • It’s more fun to see what others are designing, and get inspired!

UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?! Details for the December Give Back Challenge HERE. As you share out this month, we will be featuring the awesomeness! 

Author: HyperDocs Admin 28-11-2021