Valentine HyperDocs because We Love Educators

5 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love this Month
You have single-handedly kept the education system afloat in the last year -- working tirelessly to check in on students, learn new webtools, re-engage learners over and over, adjust with changing norms, and redesign your lessons. Phew. Take that in. No wonder you’re exhausted! We love educators for their ability to stay flexible and relevant, adapt and create within the confines of pandemic schooling. Here are five simple ways you can show yourself some love this month: 

  1. Write yourself a love letter. Seriously! 
  2. Re-read a positive email from someone you work with - a colleague, an administrator, a student, a family. 
  3. Spend time doing something that will bring you joy outside of teaching. You might read a book, cook a new recipe, discover a new local trail to explore, sit down and craft with your kids, find someone fun to follow on TikTok that will make you laugh, binge watch a light-hearted show or something of personal interest, or sometimes just stretching your body can re-center you in the easiest/fastest way. 
  4. Reflect on all the things you have accomplished in the last year. Notice and name the specific ways you have grown as an educator, or in your personal life. Write them down. Tell them to someone. Brag a little.
  5. Give yourself permission to teach something off the curricular map that might bring some unexpected joy to your day! So worth it!

To share our appreciation, and to keep a little fun in our curriculum, we wanted to share some seasonal HyperDocs that might keep your lessons light-hearted this month. ( ← see what I did there?) As always, please check for age level and links to customize for your own learners.

Here is a collection of five Valentine-related HyperDoc lessons! 

Extra lesson ideas: 
Reading with our Hearts. This is not a HyperDoc, but a tool to use during a read aloud to inspire students to read with their minds and their hearts. The ideas for this tool came from a friend, Korby Saunders, and through Teachers College. 

Author: HyperDocs Admin 04-02-2021