The Power of Reflection: Help Students Hold on to Learning


Reflection is an integral part of the learning process. It allows us to learn more about ourselves and how we learn, but it also aids us in improving academic skills. John Dewey’s words of wisdom, that “we do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience,” have often reminded me to slow down before rushing into the next activity, assignment, or unit. I would often try and teach subject to subject, or bell to bell. I know we are overwhelmed, and I often hear, “I don’t have time for reflection in my classroom, there is too much content to cover.” The layer of reflection on top of the content is what makes learning stick! 

Getting students to reflect on their learning in a traditional classroom might just be a simple ‘turn and talk’ to share a new understanding, or key take-away. In a remote learning scenario, that reflection component should be built into the HyperDoc lesson flow. 

Not every HyperDoc lesson will have all parts, but you will see the reflection built right into our lesson template -- this reminds teachers to provide an opportunity for face-to-face or digital reflection. We encourage lesson designers to add a reflection section within the lesson itself, not as an afterthought. For example, a slide is added in this HyperDoc lesson that highlights the need to pause and reflect on one’s self and the theme content taught throughout the lesson.


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Author: HyperDocs Admin 13-11-2020