Making the most out of summer learning opportunities!


Are you used to attending an educational conference over the summer to learn new ideas and to develop professionally? Are you anxious about what school will look like in the fall and not sure where, to begin with, planning? Do you want to continue learning this summer and make plans for the fall, but you are not sure where to begin? 

Maybe it is time to dive into learning all about HyperDocs digital lesson design. As we reimagine learning in 2020, we need to consider all the options for future classrooms. 


Understanding how to design and deliver HyperDocs prepares educators for implementing a fully functioning distance learning model as well as an effective blended learning model. 


With HyperDocs, educators will be prepared for whatever decisions are made about going back to school in the fall.  


To learn more about HyperDocs professional learning opportunities, watch this short video!

We have designed three pathways for enriching your understanding of HyperDocs this summer: 


In order to get the most out of the three pathways, we have developed study guides. Here is what to do. Choose the learning pathway that works for you. Work alone at your own pace or gather a group of colleagues to use the study guides and lead your own professional development. Download and print one or all three study guides from  Let these study guides lead the learning!

There is something for everyone with these study guides! Educators will learn what shifts in pedagogy need to take place when designing digital lessons.  Instructional coaches will be provided with a structure to help teachers make effective choices with technology integration. Administrators can align practices for consistency and provide professional development for all staff with these learning pathways!

To choose the professional learning pathway that is right for you, take this quick survey. It will guide you in the right direction. 












Author: HyperDocs Admin 23-05-2020