Earth Day Ideas and Features: Balance Consumption with Creation

CONSUMPTION LEARNING: New Content about the Earth    

You can invite students to consume, or ‘take in,’ new content about the Earth by packaging the resources nicely on a Multimedia Text Set. Check out the consumption experience on this sample text set. Ask, how will packaging all of your links in this way change the consumption experience for students? How much time will you give learners to click around? Which resources will spark their interest best? What will you do while students are independently exploring and learning -- will you circulate the room and hover over their shoulders, dropping thought-provoking questions?! : )   

You can also invite students to explore new learning about the earth by including valuable resources on the EXPLORE part of a HyperDoc lesson. In this sample, you’ll notice that there are a few key resources that the teacher wants to highlight, and students are invited to do some thinking/reflecting alongside the video and article. The ‘EXPLORE’ part of a lesson might be presented to the whole group, small group, or individually.

CREATION LEARNING: Taking Action as a Learner

You can really activate learning by inviting students to CREATE something to demonstrate new learning. The ‘APPLY’ part of a HyperDoc might be the focus, like in this example where students are encouraged to design a poster using the Canva webtool.

This HyperDoc encourages even the youngest learners to spend the bulk of their learning time in CREATION tools -- showing what they know in different methods. Check out the layers of learning that might occur for students as they spend more time on creating than consuming. This lesson design really moves students from video consumption into ‘doing’ something with that new content. 

Let’s Celebrate Our Earth Each and Every Day!

One of our absolute favorite resources to embed into your HyperDoc lessons all year long is Global Oneness Project. Check out their beautifully-crafted photos, movies, stories, and lessons. 

Of interest for Earth Day, you might explore When the Earth Started to Sing.


Also, you might invite students to participate in their photo contest as an extension activity on a HyperDoc.


Author: HyperDocs Admin 22-04-2022