Back to School Wishes (and some freebies!)


Each calendar year we each select a word to ground ourselves throughout the year. Our One Word HyperDoc ( has been used far and wide -- it’s a favorite! This lesson can be used at the start of the school year, or at the start of a new calendar year. This particular school year we want to share a wish for you all that is based on our own 2022 words. And of course we each included a HyperDoc to align with our one word wish! Our wishes and HyperDoc lessons are here.


This HyperDoc lesson was designed with Adobe Express, and the intention is to help students formulate their own vision for learning -- that might extend across the school day and into their personal lives. Can you see the pedagogy within the lesson? 

  • ENGAGE: Video to consider why goals matter (from young kids’ perspective!)
  • EXPLORE: Curated examples to prompt an inquiry discussion
  • EXPLAIN: Components of vision boards, and WHY they are useful 
  • APPLY: Design on Adobe Express graphic template
  • REFLECT/SHARE: Post your creation in community with others on Padlet
  • EXTEND: Create an action plan to get going on your goal(s)


Education offers a new beginning at the start of a new school year. We often encourage teachers to ‘go slow to go fast’ which can translate into spending time getting to know students, goal-setting, and building community. These ideas and HyperDocs can be used over time, not all at once. Some can even be delivered across a span of a few class periods or days. Consider what tone you wish to set for your classroom, and choose a HyperDoc to help create the environment you want for your students. 

Author: HyperDocs Admin 22-08-2022