A Reflection in 3-2-1 from the 2022 ISTE Conference


How do you synthesize learning? What helps you to connect new learning with prior knowledge? One way you can reflect and synthesize is with a simple 3-2-1 strategy. Check out our very own ISTE 3-2-1 Reflection to catch some highlights … 3 of our EdTech favorites, 2 new things we discovered, and 1 big idea! 

BOOK CREATOR continues to be a go-to for student publishing! The creative opportunities for students of all ages - from primary to high school - is inspiring! To see some awesome examples of how Book Creator integrates with HyperDocs, check out THIS PRESENTATION!

ADOBE EXPRESS continues to impress for its ease of design. What is so fun is seeing EDUCATORS share their joy for creating! We experienced an engaging session where Donnie Piercey and Jesse Lubinsky faced off to create an album cover in a 10 minute design challenge! There will definitely be a ‘face off’ added into a HyperDoc soon after witnessing this in action! Check out this video clip

HyperDocs … but found packaged within Microsoft! Meaningful lessons can be designed inside of many different platforms. If you missed this session, and are curious about HyperDocs packaged within Microsoft, you might check out THIS PRESENTATION. 

LEGO … We had the best time talking with Lego about the need for play in education! Even teachers! Can’t wait to implement some play-based concepts into our HyperDocs and district professional development. 

Flip! … Previously known as Flipgrid, the app continues to add on new features, yet stays true to honoring student voice! We will be incorporating some of the events and groups into HyperDocs. How will you use the new features of Flip?

Our greatest goal as teachers should be to develop thinkers and truth seekers. Our role is not to indoctrinate, but to educate.

-Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Robert George

  • ISTE Day 3 Mainstage interview
  • More captured in this Tweet!


Author: HyperDocs Admin 01-07-2022