Planting Beans Make a Copy

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Earth Science 1 grade Science English


Students will be able to plant Lima beans and watch as they grow over time.

Karastan Nelson


Activity Title: Planting Beans

Length of Time Required: 30 minutes

Age Group: K4

Type of Group: Small

Setting for Activity: Earth


 Science Discovery

Fine Motor skills


Objective: This lima bean activity will help children develop science skills including prediction.

observation, and recording while encouraging language development.


SC Early Learning Standard: 1.5.1A.3 With teacher guidance, conduct structured investigations to answer scientific questions, test predictions, and develop explanations: (1) predict possible outcomes (2) identify materials and follow procedures, (3) use appropriate tools or instruments to collect qualitative and quantitative data, and (4) record and represent data in an appropriate form.

Use appropriate safety procedures



Plastic bag

Dried Lima beans

Paper towels

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Preparation Needed: None


Procedure: (step by step)

Read children's The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. Then show them a handful of dried lima

beans. Ask them if they know what type of bean it is. Invite children to plant the beans in

a plastic bag. Ask children to predict what will happen in the experiment

Provide each child with a plastic sandwich bag, a damp paper towel, and two lima beans

Ask children to carefully wrap their lima beans in the damp paper towel and place them in plastic bags. Label children's bags with their names Find a sunny area in the

classroom and place the bags. The teacher will take pictures of the plants throughout the week and talk to the children about what they have observed Plan a time each day for children to observe the growth of their beans. When the soil looks dry remind the children to dampen the cloth if it becomes dry. Record children's observations daily Compare the growth of their lima beans with their initial predictions

Open-ended Questions to Ask:

1. What do you think will happen to the bean?

2. What do you think the sun does to the bean?

Evaluation (What happened? Be specific! Evaluate the lesson.)

The lima bean growing in the bag will allow the children to be able to predict and observe.