Compare and contrast how animals use physical and behavioral adaptations to survive Make a Copy

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These Google Slides work very well with 1:1 classrooms where students can participate with their own device, however the lessons can also be done whole group and activities can be projected on the board. Another suggestion is trying the activities in a flipped way where students can read, watch, and create at home or during an intervention/enrichment block and science instructional time can be spent with hands on experiments! 

Standards addressed:

  • Give examples of methods that animals use to gather and store food, find shelter, defend themselves, and rear young. 
  • Describe and explain the terms camouflage, mimicry, hibernation, migration, dormancy, instinct, and learned behavior. 
  • Explain how an animal’s behavioral adaptations help it live in its specific habitat. 
  • Distinguish between physical and behavioral adaptations of animals. 
  • Compare the physical characteristics of animals, and explain how the animals are adapted to a certain environment. 
  • Compare and contrast instinct and learned behavior.

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