Journey Through Space Make a Copy

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Mixtures and Solutions 3 grade 5 grade Science English



  1. Poster of the solar system
  2. Small images or models of each planet
  3. Whiteboard and markers
  4. Chart paper and markers
  5. Crayons, colored pencils, or markers for each student
  6. Worksheets with questions about the solar system

Introduction (10 minutes): Begin by asking students what they know about space. Write their responses on the whiteboard. Explain that today, they will be taking a journey through our solar system to learn about the different planets.

Activity 1: Solar System Poster (15 minutes): Show the poster of the solar system to the class. Point out the sun and the eight planets. Discuss the concept of orbits and how each planet revolves around the sun. Ask questions to engage the students in the discussion.

Activity 2: Order of the Planets (10 minutes): Have the students stand up and arrange themselves in the order of the planets from the sun. This hands-on activity will help them remember the sequence of the planets in the solar system. Alternatively, use the chart paper to create a visual representation of the order of the planets.

Activity 3: Characteristics of Each Planet (15 minutes): Distribute small images or models of each planet to the students. Discuss the basic characteristics of each planet, such as size, color, and unique features. Encourage students to ask questions.

Activity 4: Coloring Worksheets (15 minutes): Give each student a worksheet with questions about the solar system. Have them use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color the planets and answer the questions based on the information discussed in class.

Conclusion (5 minutes): Review the key points of the lesson. Ask students to share one interesting fact they learned about a planet. Emphasize the importance of curiosity and exploration.

Homework: Ask students to draw their favorite planet and write a short paragraph about why they find it interesting. Encourage them to use the information learned in class.

Assessment: Collect the completed worksheets to assess students' understanding of the planets and their characteristics. Observe their participation in class discussions and activities.