Phrasal Verbs – An Introductory Lesson For Your ESL Class Make a Copy

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A phrasal verb is a combination of two or three words including a base verb. The whole phrase acts as a verb that is different from the base verb used. For example, to pick is different from to pick up or to pick out. As well, many phrasal verbs use the same base verb with different adverbs and prepositions, creating phrasal verbs with entirely different meanings. To complicate things further, there are different categories of phrasal verbs: transitive, intransitive, separable and non-separable. Even though phrasal verbs are often confusing for new English learners, they can still be fun to teach and learn.

The English language is full of phrasal verbs and English speakers use them constantly. They are often dreaded by students but there are ways to learn them without the hassle and even a little fun. Therefore, Off2Class has created this handy introductory lesson plan that you can use with your intermediate-level ESL students.

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