Lets Make A Pattern Make a Copy

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pattern 1 grade math English


Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able create an AB pattern using various materials. Students will be able to recite the AB pattern that they created on a sentence strip. 


Opening:   We will be coming into the classroom and I will take roll and have the students put their name on the board. We will also do our calendar and I will discuss the pattern that is on the calendar. Next I will read a patterning book: “It’s a Pattern!” 


Direct Instruction: I Do - I will introduce an AB pattern and state that we are going to be learning about patterns today. 


Guided Practice: 

We do: Children will create a pattern as a whole class. We will do a clap, stop, clap, stop pattern as a class.


Independent Practice: Students may recite their own made up AB pattern with the class if they have one to share.


Closure of Part 1: We will make an AB pattern using pumpkins and purple bats to make a pattern on a sentence strip. I will introduce the pattern materials to the students. I will also introduce the materials that we will be using for the other centers. 


Part 2: Small Group rotation - Students will create their AB patterns on a sentence strip with me at one of their rotations. 


Differentiation: Using different objects, materials to create a pattern (such as using unifix cubes and creating an orange, purple, orange, purple pattern). Students can use this visual to help build their practice with patterning.  


Assessment: I will ask students to perform an AB pattern on their sentence strip and check for understanding by having them recite their pattern to me.