Communicate! Make a Copy

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dance 7 grade art English


Hello dancers! Today, we will will be learning about different ways of communicating and how recognizing emotions can create better communication with others and in dance. Let’s talk about the six universal emotions. These are emotions that can be described as universal meaning that everyone in the world, no matter what culture, race, or language spoken, all humans can recognize these emotions. The universal emotions are joy, anger, surprise, fear, sadness, and disgust. Show me a face that demonstrates joy. Show me a face that demonstrates sadness. Show me a face that demonstrates surprise. You all recognize these emotions in yourself and in the people around you. Here is the activity for the day! You will be separated into four groups. You will grab someone’s hand in the circle and that person can not be the person right next to you.The goal is the get untangled without talking to your group members or giving verbal directions. Once your group has finished, come to the front of the room to grab a worksheet. Once everyone has started working on their exit ticket, then we will discuss our findings all together.