Learning the Letter S Make a Copy

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Lesson Plan
Learning letter S


  1. Subject(s): ELA
  2. Topic or Unit of Study: Letters 
  3. Grade/Level: Kindergarten 
  4. Objective:  Students can identify the letter S and know how to write it. 
  1. Time Allotment: 45 minutes 


Learning Context


  1. Anticipatory Set: Alpha Tails video S, Writing S worksheet, marker, and Poster paper. 
  1. Direct Instruction: Instructions to watch a video, Move to the worksheet.
  2. Guided Practice: Outline the letter S 
  3. Check for Understanding: Pointing out things that start with S 
  1. Independent Practice: Worksheet with the letter S
  2. Closing: Check for understanding. 

Differentiated Instruction

  1. Visual Learners: Tracing the S with fingers 
  2. Auditory Learners: Listing to instructions and videos. 
  3. Kinesthetic Learners: Working on the worksheet. 
  4. ESL Students: working with them more for clearer understanding. 
  5. At-risk Students: Working through frustrations if they have any. 
  6. Advanced Learners: Letting them have a free choice when finished. 

Materials & Resources

  1. Instructional Materials: Video, worksheet. 
  2. Resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nnw9Otfnod8
    1. https://www.myteachingstation.com/tracing-and-writing-the-letter-s 


At the end of the lesson, my goal is for the students to have a clear understanding of the letter S. They will know how to write the letter S, identify words with the letter S, and know what sound S makes.