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Many people choose to work outside their home country. Would you? Working as an expatriate (expat) comes with its fair share of challenges, but the new opportunities and perspectives it brings can be rewarding in many ways. The speaking lesson plan download titled “Working as an Expat” is the perfect addition to your lesson library. Keep reading to find out what to expect from this fun and factual lesson and how to teach it virtually or in-person.

When should “Working as an Expat” be used?

“Working as an Expat” is a speaking lesson plan download aimed at students with intermediate proficiency levels and above. It is perfect for both individuals and groups, helping promote fluency in speaking and spark healthy discussion regarding the similarities and differences of working outside one’s home country. Before using this speaking lesson plan download, I advise you to familiarize yourself with your students’ cultural backgrounds along with the lesson content, to ensure that lesson material is inclusive and appropriate.

How to teach the “Working as an Expat” lesson?

When teaching this lesson, you must encourage your student to focus on speaking. New vocabulary and related images will also be helpful for context and to further prompts. Ask your students: what are the perks of expat life? What are some downsides? What influences do expats have on the countries they live and work in?
In this lesson, you will also encounter three real-life stories of expats, covering vocabulary words learned in previous slides. I find that these aid students in understanding how new words are used in different contexts. When you reach this portion of the lesson, ensure you give your student(s) a chance to self-pace. This is a great time to ask your student(s) questions about the text as well!

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