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Our new ESL Lesson Plan teaches about the use of two important pronouns – Anybody Nobody. A robust lesson plan with clear description, examples and practice opportunities, this is an engaging lesson that will help your students understand the use of these pronouns. The lesson is designed for Level B1 (pre-intermediate).

When should you teach the Anybody Nobody lesson?

Anybody and Nobody are examples of indefinite pronouns. These pronouns can be used in a positive or negative sense. They can also refer to either a person or a thing (nobody or nothing).

The lesson is suitable for pre-intermediate students (B1 on the CEFR scale), and can be taught to children, teenagers and adults.

Our ESL lesson library also includes lessons on nouns and articles that will help prepare students for this material. We recommend lessons on “Some & Any” as well as “There is & There Are.”

How to teach this lesson about Anybody Nobody?

To help students understand this concept, this lesson spends a substantial portion of the slides walking through various examples of variations on these pronouns. A student is encouraged to answer different questions, such as “Who is at home?” with the correct pronoun, “Nobody is at home.”

The slides are playful and illustrated with many pictures and fun examples to keep your student engaged and motivated.

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