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Flipped learning is a term used to describe how the classroom can be turned into a more individual experience for students. This kind of learning experience became a hot topic as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. When teachers needed to scramble to develop at-home lesson plans a multitude of new techniques were explored. Through trial and error, it became clear that all students were not able to benefit from these new virtual platforms. 

When examining the assessments of student #1, Susan Flynn, and student #2, John Smith, it seems her language and vocabulary scores increased as well as her reading information text. However, her reading literature scores decreased. As a teacher, it would be important to develop an instructional plan that will help improve her reading literature scores while also maintaining literacy proficiency in the other subject areas. It would be more helpful to include content that is versatile and would appeal to students with varying interests. An example of using current trends will be the use of having the students watch a Ted talk. These are popular talks given by a variety of people in various disciplines. Ted talks have been shown to be very helpful to create student dialogue and increase students’ confidence in managing difficult subjects. By watching other “regular” people talk about different subjects students feel more confident that it is possible for them to master these things as well. The assignment with word clouds will also help improve student interest by making reading and vocabulary fun. It is a visual exercise that will engage the student on a different level and allow them to be creative. Storytime assignments will be another way to engage the student on a more personal level. They will get to choose a subject of interest which will hopefully make the assignment seem less mundane. Making it personal will also give the teacher more insight into who their students are and they can use this information on further assignments. When teachers are able to get to know students more personally they can engage with them about those things in their lives that are important and stay connected to them in a different way. If a student feels like a teacher is interested in them they are more likely to want to participate in the classroom assignments. Additionally, by making the subject of the story a time when the student was challenged and overcame whatever the obstacle it will hopefully reinforce that they are capable and reignite that drive to succeed. The highlighting and underlining in the assignments will also help visually and kinetically to create more of a connection with the work they are reading. After reading the article and reviewing the highlighted material there is an opportunity for discussion on the things of interest and or problem areas. One of the components of the at-home plan will be to have the student click on links that are of interest. There will be categories ranging from cooking to science to popular social media trends to create a broader base of reading. This will be followed by a question and answer survey which will predict, question and summarize the reading material. Upon return to the classroom, these items will be reviewed with the teacher and peers to support cooperative learning.