An Introductory ESL Lesson Plan On Object Pronouns Make a Copy

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ESL lesson plan object pronouns 3 grade 4 grade 5 grade English English


When to use this lesson plan on object pronouns

This lesson is perfect to use with beginner students. It is designed for introducing object pronouns to beginner students. Additionally, it is great to use as a practice or review lesson. In any case, when using this lesson students should have an understanding of how to use subject pronouns. 

What does this lesson include

This lesson includes a variety of activities that allow students to practice their current knowledge of subject pronouns. It also contains simple examples of sentences including object pronouns. As well, it has a slide to show the difference between object and subject pronouns. Finally, this lesson includes several pictures and exercises that correspond to help students understand and practice how to use object pronouns. 

What will students do in this lesson?

This lesson plan on object pronouns is dynamic, entertaining and educational. Students will complete several exercises and activities that will help them retain new concepts and vocabulary. They will also work to match images and sentences. As well, students will be asked to fill in the blanks of sentences with the correct object pronoun. Lastly, students will work on forming sentences using the object pronouns provided. This final activity allows students to be creative but also supports retention.

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