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What is a preposition?

A preposition is a word that connects a noun phrase with another part of a sentence; it is usually said or written before a noun. A preposition can indicate several types of relationships but for this blog post, I will talk about place and time.

Teaching Prepositions of Place – in, at, on

This lesson plan is part of an eight-part series and it discusses how to use prepositions with the place. It starts with an explanation and moves into communicative activities that give students plenty of time to practice. You’ll also cover how to use prepositions when discussing vehicles (as noted in the example above). 

These lesson plans are guaranteed to clear up any questions students have regarding how to use these tricky words! With both, it’s important to note that using in, at, and on with time and place are totally different, students should treat them as new prepositions with each lesson.

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