On Vacation - Planning Your Destination – An ESL Lesson Plan Make a Copy

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Planning Your Destination at a Glance

In this lesson, students will be required to do a variety of tasks that revolve around vacation planning. The lesson begins with an activity that elicits vacation-related vocabulary. Then students will move on to a reading exercise that will test their reading comprehension. Following this, students will participate in a role-play exercise. To conclude the lesson, students will have the chance to share their ideas and opinions about their ideal holiday destinations. With that being said, this lesson is a fun way to get to know your students!

How to use this lesson plan

This is a fantastic lesson plan to use with students of all ages and backgrounds. I’ve never met a student who doesn’t enjoy planning vacation destinations – even travel agents love this lesso. ! This is also one of my favorite lesson plans to use with new students because it is relevant to most people, regardless of age or profession. I’ll often use it to help me grasp their level of English if they’re apprehensive about taking a placement test. It’s also a fun activity to use in a corporate classroom setting as Business English students often need a relaxed day in class. 

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