An Intermediate ESL Lesson Plan On Natural Disasters Make a Copy

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What does lesson plan on natural disasters this include?

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce vocabulary around natural disasters. This natural disasters lesson plan contains controlled and free tasks to promote fluency in speaking. This lesson does not include a reading activity. It is an intermediate-level lesson plan that contains matching activities, speaking prompts, quote analysis, data analysis, and opinion questions. With all that said, this lesson plan will allow you to learn a lot about your student and their opinions on different topics.

What will students learn in this lesson?

In this lesson plan on natural disasters, students will learn to identify earthquakes, droughts, floods, mudslides and hurricanes. They will learn to use these words in sentences and explain why some natural disasters are more violent than others. In addition, students will learn terms associated with natural disasters like survivor, aftermath and aid agency. Finally, they will learn about Mount Vesuvius, which is incredibly fun!

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