Teaching The Future With Will: A Lesson Plan For ESL Teachers Make a Copy

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When to Teach the Future with Will

English language teachers usually teach the simple future tense after teaching the future with going to. It’s important to differentiate when we use will and when we use going to- this lesson does just that. This ready-to-teach lesson plan focuses on the positive form of will and even introduces the term shall. As well, students will learn about when to use will versus going to. Finally, you will teach students how to make predictions. This lesson is easy to follow and perfect as an introduction to the simple future tense. It is complete with picture-prompt activities and gap-fill exercises so your students will have ample opportunity to practice.

To Contract or Not to Contract? When to Teach Contractions

Some ESL teachers don’t to introduce contractions to their students. However, students must learn about contractions from day one! Contractions are widely used in most forms of English, especially spoken English. Therefore, students must practice contractions until they can use them naturally and fluidly. This lesson plan introduces the positive form of the contraction will and I encourage you to take plenty of time to practice it.

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