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What is an idiom?

An idiom is a unique saying or phrase made up of words that, when combined, take on a whole new meaning than the individual words within the phrase. Idioms are common and students hear them every day, but they might not understand what they mean. They are tricky but important to teach to new English learners, especially as their listening and speaking skills improve.

Off2Class has developed 30- ready-to-teach lesson plans that are entirely dedicated to idioms. Who would have thought there were that many idioms to learn? Here we have 5 of our most popular lesson plans on idioms.

By the time you reach this lesson your students should be creating simple sentences in English. They are working on their speaking and constantly adding to their vocabulary. However, when teachers begin teaching the past simple tense, it can be a bit overwhelming for students because pronunciation and irregular verbs can be intimidating for new learners. Now you can introduce your students to the basics of the simple past tense with this easy to follow, teacher-led lesson plan.

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