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If you are an English teacher, chances are, you’ve been asked to help students prepare for an important exam. One of the most common exams students take is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. Today, you will learn about what it is and how to teach it. You will also be guided through 4 free teacher-led lesson plans that you can use to help your students achieve their IELTS goals.

Teaching exam preparation is a bit different than teaching a general English course because there is more pressure to reach a desired goal. However, students who are studying for an important exam are usually more focused because they’re studying for one reason: to achieve a required exam result.

When you you first start helping a student prepare for the IELTS exam, you might not know where to start. Don’t panic because Off2Class has created a dedicated segment of lesson plans designed for IELTS exam preparation. These lesson plans introduce each section of the IELTS exam- speaking, listening, writing and reading. Download your free Off2Class IELTS lesson plans by scrolling down below. 

If you want additional lesson plans and support, including teachers’ notes, be sure to register for a free Off2Class account.