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What are demonstrative pronouns?

Demonstrative pronouns – this, that, these and those– are used to replace nouns in sentences. Demonstrative pronouns are difficult to grasp for English language learners for many reasons. First, they all start with th, which is a hard sound for English learners to produce. Second, they are used in relation to the speaker, which often creates further confusion for students. However, if an English language learner wants to improve their fluency, they must learn to use them confidently and correctly.

A summary of the lesson plan

Off2Class has created an easy-to-follow, teacher-led lesson plan to help you teach demonstrative pronouns to your ESL students. The lesson starts with a short recap of countable and uncountable nouns and moves into a variety of matching exercises. It also covers the use of this/these with time and provides fill-in-the-gap exercises. Your students will have ample opportunity to practice the various ways we use demonstrative pronouns. You can use this lesson in your online ESL class or in-person in your screen-enabled classroom.

How to teach (and review) demonstrative pronouns

The key is to have students practice using demonstrative pronouns until they become ingrained in their vocabulary. I try to encourage practice and incorporate parts of this lesson plan into my warm-up activities so I always keep this lesson plan easy to access. Give it a shot and watch your students’ fluency improve dramatically! For those of you who subscribe to Off2Class, this lesson plan pairs perfectly with the listening lesson: This, that, these, those – Making Choices.

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