2020 Census Make a Copy

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This lesson is targeted towards US teachers, especially in California.

The US Census the huge impact on a state and undercounting can have an enormous impact on our state and our students.  Some of our schools have many students that fall into undercounted populations and it is essential that as trusted community leaders, teachers put out the word about completing the Census and encouraging our communities to participate.

To this end, I created this hyperdoc lesson.

Through analysis of 3 documents created by the US Census Bureau and the state of California, students will learn the following: 

  • Why the Census is taken

  • The impact of the Census on a state

  • How people participate in the Census

  • Confidentiality issues regarding the Census

In groups, students will:

  • Create a printable digital poster promoting participation in the 2020 Census

  • Display posters on campus during 2020 Census season and participate in completing the Census in their own households


Everything is included in this lesson including an easy to use rubric.

I thought I would share this lesson with you in case this is something you would like to do in your own classroom.  Please forward this to any of your team that might teach the Census if you deem it valuable.  Feel free to change it to fit your own classroom needs.