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Bradford Plymouth Plantation


  1. Subjectivity Quote Charts

Direct Text Reference/Quote of difficulties faced

Explanation of God’s hand (providence) in aiding them



Direct Text Reference/Quote of judgments of the “strangers” and Native Americans

Explanation of his opinion of “strangers” and Native Americans



2. Remember, the Puritans wanted to be “a city on a hill” - in other words, an example to all Christians in how to live and act. With this in mind, he juxtaposes the “strangers” to his own Puritanical group. What is the effect of this decision in his writing and what is his intended effect?


3. Bradford uses many allusions to the Bible.

What is an allusion?


Choose two specific allusions, note the scripture, and explain how he biblically applies to them his experiences.


3. Respond for half of a page on a separate sheet of paper to either of these two prompts:

  1. Bradford clearly relied and put his faith in God during times of trial, despite his fears of the unknown, and even as he watched those around him dying. He and the other Puritans were still able to come out of the suffering and difficulty praising the Lord and thanking him for protection and care. Has there been a difficult time in your life you experienced God’s hand protecting, comforting, or strengthening you? How can trials in our lives be opportunities for spiritual growth? 


  1. Bradford came to learn the Native Americans would be their aid; he even felt they were an “instrument of God” in aiding them in their need. Have you ever misjudged someone or a situation because they/it were unfamiliar to you and you were afraid of the differences ? Explain the experience and what you may have learned.