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Vocabulary - Family - Off2Class ESL Lesson Plan

"Vocabulary - Family This is an introductory lesson, but would also make a great review lesson for students of all ages and levels. If your students are advanced, use it along with the speaking lesson plan My Family. In this lesson your students will learn vocabulary related to immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.) and practice reading simple family trees. After completing this lesson, your students will gain knowledge and you will learn more about them! If you want additional lesson plans and support, including teachers’ notes, be sure to register for a free Off2Class account."

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A Vocabulary Lesson Plan On Sports And Leisure

"When to use this lesson plan on sports and leisure? As I mentioned prior, this is a perfect lesson for Elementary English Learners. Meaning, your student(s) should have a basic knowledge of functional English. Elementary English Learners should be able to ask and answer basic questions in English as well as have a growing vocabulary. Personally, I refer to this level of English as “Tourist English”. In any case this lesson is perfect to use to help introduce the most common vocabulary items related to roots, hobbies, pastimes and leisure time. Finally, before teaching this lesson it is important to confirm that your student(s) can form sentences in the “present simple” tense. If you want additional lesson plans and support, including teachers’ notes, be sure to register for a free Off2Class account."

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Romeo and Juliet Act 1 lesson 1

ED 381 Hyper Docs Final Lesson Plan

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Possessive Nouns – Free ESL Lesson Plan

When should you teach the Possessive Nouns lesson? Possessive nouns help identify ownership — that something belongs to someone or something else. This lesson teaches students how to use an apostrophe followed by an s (‘s) for people, time words and without a noun. It also enables understanding of how to add an apostrophe after a plural noun that ends in -s, or names that end in -s. The lesson is suitable for elementary level students and can be taught to children, teenagers and adults. Our ESL lesson library also includes lessons on nouns and articles that will help prepare students for this material. We recommend three lessons — Subject Pronouns (N1.1), Object Pronouns (N2.1) and The Basic Use of the Verb to be (VS1.1) — as pre-requisites.

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Counting Coins

Counting Coins: Review standard/I CAN statement. I can solve word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ¢ symbols appropriately.

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Genius Hour


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Fun learning games

this shows fun games for any grade but this link is for second grade

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Should We Ban It? — A Free Speaking ESL Lesson Plan

When should “Should We Ban It?” be used? “Should We Ban It?” is a speaking lesson plan download aimed at adult and adolescent students with upper-intermediate proficiency levels and above. It is perfect for both individuals and groups, helping promote fluency in speaking and spark healthy discussion about individual and societal value changes over time. Keep in mind that the content of this lesson is controversial — we advise you to review the entire lesson before teaching. This lesson is inappropriate for young learners.

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Reported Speech – Free ESL Lesson Plan

When should you teach “Introduction to Reported Speech”? “Introduction to Reported Speech” is an ESL lesson plan download aimed at students with advanced proficiency levels. To fully grasp the material, students must be very comfortable with changing verbs between various tenses including the perfect, simple and continuous tenses.

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