Bunny: The Origin - Past, Present and Future - English Language Hyperdoc

This is an English language tenses hyperdoc where early grade students are given the opportunity to explore fun grammar activities. The English language hyperdoc covers activities on learning and differentiating past, present and future tenses.


Informational Articles on Hurricanes

This was my first hyperdocs/playlist lesson created to introduce my 6th graders to our "Washed Away" Unit.  Although we would be reading realistic fiction books based around Hurricane Katrina, I wanted students to still continue to be exposed to non-fiction texts.  So prior to beginning the books, I had students work through this lesson in order to get a better idea of the impact that hurricanes can have on a family, community, city, etc. on so many levels.

Simple Machines HyperDoc Unit

After exploring this hyperdoc students will be able to identify the six types of simple machines and understand how simple machines help us do work. Students will build three types of simple machines and will apply their knowledge to create a solution to solve a problem.

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