google slides

Build a Snowman with Google Slides

This is a Google Slides template that allows students to build a snowman and write about their creation. The template has a blank snowman and several slides full of items to copy and paste to your snowman including eyes, mouths, hats, arms, feet, hair, and more. When done building, the student then types in the text box to write about their snowman. Great for developing writing skills as well as drag and drop tech skills.

Getting Connected BINGO

An introductory HyperDoc to get all of your students access to the many accounts they will need for the school year.  Included is a presentation template for students to introduce themselves to the class.  Just add your class specific codes to the Hyperdoc, and create your own submission form to capture the presentations.

This HyperDoc was adapted from the "Show What You Know BINGO" created by Lisa Highfill.

Pokemon Go

A journey through Pokemon Go. Students will be asked to read, write, use their math knowledge, use mapping skills, and understand health concepts through the game. It was designed for fourth graders in mind but can be used with 3rd and up. 

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