HyperDocs Are More Than A Digital Worksheet

HyperDocs Are More Than A Digital Worksheet

HyperDocs are digital lessons that you give to students for engaging, inquiry-based learning; but beware, they can easily be a digital worksheet depending on the lesson design and content you include.

It is important to remember that when exploring HyperDocs online, often the intent and lesson design is hidden in the teacher’s blended learning delivery. We are not aware of what has occurred in a classroom before, during, or after a lesson. The key to a powerful HyperDoc that will transform learning for your students is your own evaluation. Try the following steps to ensure your lessons are more than a collection of links.  

Evaluate your HyperDoc!

Is this a HyperDoc or a digital worksheet? Ask yourself the following:

1. Is your HyperDoc based on a specific lesson design? Shifting from the explain, apply, assess cycle of learning to explore, explain, apply model is a first step in moving from a lecture based classroom to one which values inquiry learning. cycles of learning

These templates will help with your structure.

2. Did you include the 4 C's in your lesson? Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creation?

3. What level of critical thinking and technology did you integrate? Is this a simple recall task or does this push your student's thinking? Is it substitution or is the technology used to transform the learning?



HyperDoc Evaluation Checklist

Check to see where your HyperDoc falls on the checklist which incorporates the ISTE Standards, SAMR, and DOK levels.

For more information, explore the HyperDoc website or purchase the HyperDoc Handbook which is full of examples not only showcasing the lesson design, but also modeling how each lesson incorporates ISTE Standards, DOK levels, SAMR levels, and the four C’s.

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