HyperDocs! Need I Say More????

Guest Blog by Karly Moura

Guest Post by Karly Moura 

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I love HyperDocs. Love, love, love them. I love making them, I love co-creating them with other teachers, and most of all, I LOVE watching and connecting the kids while they work on them. If you aren't familiar with this awesome digital tool keep reading for the 411 on HyperDocs!

Where did HyperDocs come from?


The terrific trio Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton and Sarah Landis coined the term HyperDocs when they created this amazing digital tool. They also created @Tsgivets a Twitter account dedicated to helping teachers share their creations with one another for FREE! How awesome is that?








A hyperwhat?


I first learned about HyperDocs from my colleague Nick Zefeldt when he came to give me some tech TOSA tips. He showed me an example hyperdoc and went through the lesson with me. BAM that was it, match made in edtech heaven! I was hooked on HyperDocs!




Isn't a hyperdoc just a doc with hyperlinks???


NOPE! It is SO much more! The beauty of HyperDocs is that the creation of the doc itself requires the teacher to take into consideration the needs of the students, how they will engage in the content, what ways they can reflect on their own learning, and how they can show what they know. It is also ALL about packaging. HyperDocs LOOK engaging because they are. Kids enjoy doing them and while they are learning, collaborating, creating and reflecting in their doc the teacher is given the gift of time to connect with students and engage in quality conversations with them about their learning.







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OK I'm interested, how do I learn more?

At the Google Edu on Air conference held on May 8-9th 2015 Lisa, Sarah and Kelly held an online session called Extreme pedagogy makeover using Multimedia Texts Sets & HyperDocs. This session gave viewers an overview of what HyperDocs are and how to get started. You can view their resources here, check out the HyperDocs Explained page on Lisa's website and watch the entire session below!









I'm hooked! How do I get started creating?


Three ways to get started with HyperDocs.

1.  Use a template to guide you.
My favorite way to begin using HyperDocs is with a template. Lisa, Sarah and Kelly have created some FABULOUS templates you can copy and use. They are a great way to get started making HyperDocs. As I began to do some trainings with my staff and district I started creating some HyperDoc templates that included links to resources and ideas for each section. You can make a copy and use both the New HyperDoc Template with Link Ideas (a remix of Sarah's incredible original template) and the new Close Reading HyperDoc Template. Be sure to check @TsGiveTs! for more sure to be coming soon!

2. Remix someone else's already awesome HyperDoc!
The great thing about Twitter and @TsGiveTs! is that LOTS of teachers are sharing their amazing HyperDocs for FREE online. I post mine all the time! Here is a link to my shared HyperDocs folder that I will continue to add to. The best part is that the teachers posting their work encourage you to take their hyperdoc and tweak it to turn it into one that works for you and your students! THAT is the power of @TsGiveTs! In addition to the terrific trio there are some incredible HyperDoc creators sharing their resources online. Follow these people on Twitter, check out their blogs or websites and snag their HyperDoc gems!




Rocky Logue @slogue89
7th Grade Teacher, Templeton, CA

Heather Marshall @MsMarshallCMS
Middle School Teacher, Crockett, CA
Sean Fahey @SeanJFahey
4th Grade Teacher, Paoli, IN
Kendra Tyler @ktylercuesd
Junior High School Teacher, Corning, CA
Matt McFarlane @MrMacsclasses
Middle School Teacher, Templeton, CA
Lisa Guardino @LisaGuardino
Educational Technology TOSA

Check out this padlet FILLED with awesome HyperDocs shared by tons of amazing teachers. When you create one share it with @TsgiveTs and add it to the padlet too!






3. Start from a blank slate.
Open up a new Google Doc or Google Slides presentation and get creating! Lisa, Sarah and Kelly have got you covered with their How-To HyperDoc website! This site gives you step-by-step directions for creating your own hyperdoc. Also check out Lisa's "HyperDocs Explained" webpage for more ideas and links. Scroll down to Getting Started and check out the "Tips for Creating your own HyperDoc" link!








BUT WAIT there's more!

Lisa, Sarah and Kelly have written a book! The HyperDoc Handbook will be released in the next couple of months and it is SURE to be fabulous. It is already generating buzz on Twitter. Check out the tweets below, get on the pre-order list by filling out this form and jump on the HyperDocs train!