Getting Connected BINGO

An introductory HyperDoc to get all of your students access to the many accounts they will need for the school year.  Included is a presentation template for students to introduce themselves to the class.  Just add your class specific codes to the Hyperdoc, and create your own submission form to capture the presentations.

This HyperDoc was adapted from the "Show What You Know BINGO" created by Lisa Highfill.

Intro to Scientific Notation

This lesson is to introduce scientific notation. It includes what scientific notation is, how to properly write a number in scientific notation, how to convert between standard form and scientific notation, and some ideas for reflection. There is also a challenge activity on comparing and ordering numbers in scientific notation. Each slide includes notes or links to videos to learn the process of the topic on the left side then an activity on the right side to apply what students learn. I have created this to use in September 2016 so I'm not sure how it will go (I'm hoping well!).

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