HyperDoc Lessons for When You're Out of the Classroom

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of being involved in a lot of great programs at my school site.  However, the more involved you are in at your school, the likelihood that you will be out of your classroom greatly increases.  As I have found myself out of the classroom more frequently, I have tried to find ways to keep my students focused and engaged while in the classroom.  More importantly, I have tried to find ways for students to still be actively learning and involved in the content that we have been covering when I am normally in class.

Teaching with HyperDocs

Disclaimer: Eight months ago, I had not even heard the term Hyperdoc. I had taken baby steps by providing links to resources to my English students. However, in July, my educational life shifted as it has only a few times in the twenty-three years I have taught. I attended a workshop with Lisa Highfill at a Google Summit and was introduced to the world of Hyperdocs. Since that weekend, I have become a faithful follower of the Hyperdoc movement.

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